COVID Classes

During COVID, it is especially important to continue dancing:

  1. FITNESS – I have weekly free dance classes that anyone can join from the comfort of their own house here so that people can stay connected with dance and keep moving. The more we get that blood pumping, the healthier we are keeping our bodies, and the better able we will be to fight off disease, COVID or otherwise.
  2. STRESS RELIEF – Sometimes (especially now with everything that has been going on in this crazy year we call 2020) we get so wrapped up in everything going on around us that we need to take a chance and unplug from everything and de-stress. Exercise has been shown to decrease stress levels and increase endorphins. According to this study, dance helps people create an: escape or diversion from stress and pain through a change in emotion, states of consciousness, and/or physical capability.
  3. HEALING – According to scientific studies: Dance may promote wellness by strengthening the immune system through muscular action and physiological processes. Dance conditions an individual to moderate, eliminate, or avoid tension, chronic fatigue, and other disabling conditions that result from the effects of stress. Source
  4. CONNECTION – It has been shown (and those of us who dance have certainly experienced this) that dancing leads to closer friendships and connection with others. In fact, according to Scientific American, “exertion inherent to dancing releases hormones—like any other form of physical exercise—and these molecules are behind the bonding effect.”
  5. BRAIN BOOST – “Dancing improves brain function and boosts memory. Several studies have shown that dancing is linked to a reduced risk of dementia. In a study by researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, they found that dancing is associated with 76% reduced risk of dementia among the participants.” According to this article by Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience.

It is my hope that even though it is not safe to attend social dances and large group classes and workshops like we did before, you will find a way to keep dancing in a way that feels safe for you and your family.

If you’re interested, please join my weekly free online class, or I do offer small group privates (6 or fewer people who are from the same group to reduce the risk of spreading from one group to another), and private lessons. Contact me for more information!

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