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Some awesome guidelines for dance etiquette while social dancing:

BALLET/TAP/JAZZ/HIP HOP DANCE FOR KIDS: I don’t generally teach kids, but I did do A LOT of dancing as a child. Learning dance as a kid goes a long way for teaching young people discipline, hard work, and muscle control while improving balance. If you’re looking for a place near Hershey, PA with a great, fun kids program, I highly recommend Studio 22 across from the Warwick in Hummelstown. They have a great program there.

Address: 7 West Main Street, Hummelstown, Pa 17036


DANCE SHOES: If you’re looking for ballroom dance shoes in the Hershey area, I recommend Dancer’s Pointe. They have a lot of ballet/tap/jazz stuff, but also a decent collection of ballroom dance shoes as well! Plus, they are locally owned and operated so you can feel good about shopping locally!

Address: 201 W Main St. Hummelstown, PA 17036


BEST DOG/ANIMAL CARE: If you’re looking for someone who will love on your four legged babies while you’re away, you couldn’t ask for anyone better than Pet Pros of Hershey. They have been taking care of my fur babies for years now, and they are the kindest, most reliable, and best people for the job. They also now do pet photography (and are VERY talented with photoshop if you want something more on the fun side). Contact them if you’re in Hershey and need someone to love your furry ones (they also take care of other animals like lizards/pigs/large animals) while you’re away. Below is a fun photo they made for me of my 3 puppies if they were a rap group (some other fun ones that I have from them are the puppies and I as disco dancers and my windshield cover of the 3 of them running from the cops):

To contact them: call or text 717-473-0667 or email


THE BEST PHOTOS YOU’LL EVER HAVE: If you’re looking for a great event photographer for a dance event or for amazing photos, I highly recommend Dan Davis. He take the most phenomenal photos, and if unique photos are what you’re looking for, he is the man for you.

His instagram: dan_davis1220

A few of the beautiful photos by Dan Davis:

COUNTRY DANCE BOOTS: Since I often get asked where I get my boots from, an economical choice is Dance Connection. They have country dance boots that are very comfortable and reasonably priced. They are different from country boots because they have suede at the bottom and also are split shank so you can flex and point your foot. They also have non country looking boots that are nice as well. I personally own many styles in this brand and love them. They feel like dancing in slippers and look more stylish than some of the practice shoes while protecting your toes while social dancing (you ladies know what I’m talking about). To try on a pair, check out their schedule to find an event near you. For competition boots, you can’t beet ProDance Boots. These are made perfectly for dance competition, and the ones I wear when I compete. Italian leather and made in Portugal, they are no joke. They are more pricey, though, but definitely worth it if you do country competitions. Check out their Facebook page for where they will be if you’d like to try them on!

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